For the Secondary 3 Apprentice

Electron: What we know and can never know

The electron is the first subatomic particle to be discovered, turning chemistry on its head more than a century ago.

What are cation and anion?

Have your eye on ion

Dot and cross & other bonding diagrams

The art of chemistry: drawing dot-and-cross diagrams and more

Metallic bonding & giant metallic structure

Single ladies put your hands up! We’re paying homage to the metals that don’t need no one else to be stable, chemically of…

For the Secondary 4 Experts

5 ways to increase reaction speed

Speed read the five factors that influence reaction speed

Enthalpy change of reactions

Exo is hot, endo-ure the cold

Test for ions in qualitative analysis

The definitive guide to qualitative analysis

Electrolysis guidebook

Terms used in electrolysis and their meanings

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