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What are isotopes?

Atoms of the same element may not be identical. The different forms of an element are called isotopes.

Distillation: an ancient technique to separate liquid

Distillation has been used to separate and purify liquid since more than 2000 years ago.

Proton: getting particular about identifying elements

The proton is the subatomic particle that defines the chemical identity of an element.

Electron: what we know and can never know

The electron is the first subatomic particle to be discovered, turning chemistry on its head more than a century ago.

Virtual lab: identifying an unknown gas

What gas forms when we add acid to the carbonate ions in a seashell?

Carbon dioxide & other acidic oxides

Some oxides can behave like an acid and neutralise bases. How do you identify them?

What is atomic structure?

The atom is not a featureless ball. It consists subatomic particles arranged in an mind-boggling way.

Type of chemical bond quiz

Are you born to guess the type of bond?

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