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Grounded in O Level Chemistry,
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Witness the Heat, Light & Joy


We are a group of young science teachers based in Singapore. We want to share our passion for Chemistry and make it less cheem.

We believe in freebies access. Educational resources should be accessible to all, both financially and conceptually. So we are committed to keeping everything on the website free. Let there be no paywall, subscription fee, or DLC. We will also use plain language and memes analogies familiar to the young in Singapore.

We believe in diversity. We respect that every child has a unique learning style. That’s why we have multiple authors to write about Chemistry from different angles, with different voices. We hope you can find articles that speak to you, that enrich your learning. Besides text-heavy notes, we provide succinct infographics and flashcards.

Surely, our notes will help you overcome the O Level Chemistry exams. But life is more than that, and Chemistry too. We have show you that exciting aspect of Chemistry through our stories on everyday applications, folk knowledge, history of science, philosophy, and the latest scientific breakthrough.

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