Differences between crystallisation and evaporation to dryness

Crystallisation and evaporation to dryness are two different methods to separate different solutes from their solution.

Mixtures & pure substances: The mystery of air

For most part of human history, scientists could not correctly tell whether air is a single substance or a mixture.

Paper chromatography TYS questions – N Level Chemistry

Dye dye must try these typical TYS questions on separating dyes with paper chromatography!

Paper chromatography

Paper chromatography is a simple yet powerful detective tool to separate and analyse the substances in a mixture.

Simple distillation vs fractional distillation

A solution of two miscible liquids is tricky to separate. How can we solve it with fractional distillation, a modified version of simple…

Distillation: An ancient technique to separate liquid

Distillation has been used to separate and purify liquid since more than 2000 years ago.