What is a molecule?

A molecule is a particularly small group of non-metal atoms that are held together by covalent bond

Are ionic compounds soluble in water?

Chemistry is messy: most but not all ionic compounds are soluble in water

How to find the cation and anion in a compound?

What are ionic compounds and the ions they contain?

Type of chemical bond quiz

Are you born to guess the type of bond?

What are cation and anion?

Have your eye on ion

The charge of ions quiz

Take charge of your learning by doing the quiz on ionic charge

Dot and cross & other bonding diagrams

The art of chemistry: drawing dot-and-cross diagrams and more

Metallic bonding & giant metallic structure

Single ladies put your hands up! We’re paying homage to the metals that don’t need no one else to be stable, chemically of course.

Giant molecular structure: Diamond & graphite

Diamond and graphite, same same but different

Simple molecular structure

Breathe in, and learn about the structure and physical properties of simple molecules found in your breath

Giant ionic lattice structure

Be crystal clear about the physical properties of ionic compounds, as you look at minerals that make up the Earth

Ions & ionic bonding

The story of give and take, in terms of electrons

Dot and cross diagrams of simple molecules

Dot the i's and cross the t's of your dot-and-cross diagrams

Covalent bond in molecules

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