Carbon dioxide & other acidic oxides

Some oxides can behave like an acid and neutralise bases. How do you identify them?

Raising the question of baking powder vs baking soda

Your kitchen is actually a chemistry lab. Baking powder and soda are bases that react with acids to raise your bread.

Acids & bases TYS questions – Combined Chemistry

Move from basic questions to acidic, I mean challenging, TYS questions taken from the Combined Science papers

Preparation of salts

The three methods to prepare pure samples of solid salt

O Level titration TYS questions

Don't let the difficult question from the 2014 paper be your endpoint. Overcome it here!

Properties & reactions of alkali & bases

Time to get basic, and maybe salty

Reactions of acids

Acids are dangerous and corrosive, as their hydrogen ions are unlocked to wreak havoc. Learn how they react with metals, carbonates, and…

Prelim questions on acids

Try out challenging questions from prelim papers to apply what you have learned about acids: dissociation of hydrogen ions, acid formation,…

Definition and properties of acids

Learn about the defining property of acids: acids dissociate in water to produce hydrogen ions, either partially or fully, depending on…