Reactions of acids

Acids are dangerous and corrosive, as their hydrogen ions are unlocked to wreak havoc. Learn how they react with metals, carbonates, and…

Test for ions in qualitative analysis

The definitive guide to qualitative analysis

Electrolysis guidebook

Terms used in electrolysis and their meanings

Definition and properties of acids

Learn about the defining property of acids: acids dissociate in water to produce hydrogen ions, either partially or fully, depending on…

Electrolysis of molten compounds

Describing electrolysis of molten ionic compounds

What is electrolysis?

Don't be shocked, but molten ionic compounds don't just stop at conducting electricity. They use it for chemical reaction!

Percentage mass & empirical formula

Calculate how each element in a compound is pulling its weight, and use this to find the chemical formula empirically

Relative atomic mass & molecular mass

Unit-less but meaningful: making sense of the mass of an atom with ratio

Solution concentration & titration

Sorry, we don't have 25% sugar here. How about 100 g/dm3 or 0.292 mol/dm3?

Stoichiometry: mole ratio & limiting reactant

Look into the future and predict the amount of product formed, by identifying the mole ratio and limiting reactant

Molar volume of gases

Gases of different masses taking up the same spaces

The mole & molar mass

Learn how how to count, but in moles

Dot and cross & other bonding diagrams

The art of chemistry: drawing dot-and-cross diagrams and more

Metallic bonding & giant metallic structure

Single ladies put your hands up! We’re paying homage to the metals that don’t need no one else to be stable, chemically of course.

Giant molecular structure: diamond & graphite

Diamond and graphite, same same but different

Simple molecular structure

Breathe in, and learn about the structure and physical properties of simple molecules found in your breath

Giant ionic lattice structure

Be crystal clear about the physical properties of ionic compounds, as you look at minerals that make up the Earth

Ions & ionic bonding

The story of give and take, in terms of electrons

Covalent bond in molecules

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